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The dining room

Our dining room  has the capacity to house 150 guests for buffet or a banquet. This is where we serve all our guests breakfast, lunch and dinner. The dining room is open for dinner almost every night, and we present different menus and dishes made of what is available for the season.

"Peisestugu" and library

Upstairs from the bar we have our «peisestugu», which means a living room with a fire place. It has lots of old furnitures and decors, and makes a nice frame for a meeting or festivities if you`d like private party. The design on the chairs was actually designed by grandma Ingrid back in the days!

The library is situated next to the living room and is suitable for small meetings or a dinner party up to eight persons.

These rooms are open to all our guests and we hope you`ll get comfy and relax with a book or a nice conversation with a friend

Dr. Garmos

Dr. Garmos is situated in the basement and is named after Torgeir Garmo, the doctor and dentist that used to run the hotel with his wife Ingrid. It`s a large bar that is open on special occasions or large parties. The interior differs from the rest of the hotel, but has a lot of old photos on the walls that shows the history of the hotel and the family behind it. 

Gaukstadstugu (The Gaukstad cabin)

The property of Fossheim has several old houses together with the main building, and Fossheim Stone center next to it. 

We are particular proud of our old cabin from the farm Gaukstad. It is one of the best kept timber buildings from the 16th century in Norway. 

We still like to use it, and have small weddings, christenings and dinners there.

The herb garden

Our garden with seatings outside with view of the Lomseggen mountain and the best place to see the sunset in Lom village. There´s a small stream and herbs in the pots, and a really nice place to enjoy a glass of rose in the summer time.

The wine cellar

In the basement of Gaukstadstugu is where we keep our best wine! There is also a fireplace and a massive table where we can arrange tastings of all sorts; local beer, wine, aquavite or maybe cheese?

Special Occasions

Are you celebrating something special? A big day coming up? Getting married?

Here at Fossheim we have long traditions arranging get togethers and celebrations, and we have several premises and rooms that will fit different types of celebrations.

In «Peisestugu» you can have an aperitif, or coffee avec after dinner. The dining room can be turned into two separate rooms and in the bar downstairs you can dance the night away. Or maybe you would like a private party in our old house Gaukstadstugu?

The kitchen would love to plan the menu together with you, and the staff helps out with suggestions about drinks, decorations and seating, -to make YOU have the best possible day.


To the world you might just be a person…but to one person you might be the world.

Welcome to beautiful Lom and Fossheim Hotel to celebrate love.

Jotunheimen and Lom will give you a unique frame on your big day. Lom stave church, deep valleys and tall mountains are some of the best features of Lom.

For information on weddings in the church, contact the secretary of the church community in Lom Kommune phone: +47 61 21 73 39 or email: kyrkjelydssekreter@lom.kommune.no

Flowers and decorations can be delivered by Fjoset Blomster in Lom centre. fjoset.blomster@interflora.no or phone: +47 61 21 92 00

Hair and makeup from the skilled girls at Hårloftet phone +47 61 21 19 50


We can offer wedding deals from 1300,- per person. From 2 to 120 persons

The deal includes: 

  • Aperitiff
  • Fingerfood
  • 4 course menu
  • Wine
  • Coffee
  • Avec
  • Nightsnack

Christmas Spirit

Nothing gives your soul peace like watching the snow slowly fall and melt on the lanterns on the stairs by the entrance.

We love christmas at Fossheim and arrange traditional norwegian christmas buffèts at weekends from the end of november and all the way up to christmas.

Christmas lunch is served on sundays and the menus in the restaurants during the week are also inspired by classic christmas food.

Please contact us for an offer if you think about celebrating christmas with colleagues, friends or family at Fossheim

E-mail: resepsjon@fossheimhotel.no    Tlf: 61219500

Renting premises

If you need a room for your own party, you can rent one of ours. Contact us and we will show you around.

Contact info:

E-mail: resepsjon@fossheimhotel.no

Phone: 61 21 95 00

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