Rooms in the main building

Superior double room

In our superior rooms you have more space and your own sofa corner where you can relax with a cup of coffee or tea that you can make yourself in the room. 

Or maybe you want to bring it with you out on the balcony, sit on a sheep wool blanket and enjoy the view of the mountains ?

Price: starts at 1795,- included breakfast

  • Sofa corner
  • Bathroom
  • Water boiler and tea/coffee
  • TV
  • Wifi
  • Balcony with furniture

Double room

Grandma Ingrid had a passion for how the hotel should match the rest of Lom village, and that the exterior should have the same color as the stave church. We brought her scale of color to the rooms and chose a rustic style in color and tones.

From these rooms you either view the mountains of Bøverdalen or the old houses and cabins in the yard.

The rooms on the second and third floor has balconies.

Price: from 1600,- included breakfast

  • Bathroom
  • TV
  • Wifi
  • Sofa
  • Possibility for extra bed

Double Room Handicap

Do you have moving disability? Here`s some information for you:

We have one room specially equipped for you. The room has very low doorsteps, extra handles in the bathroom and a seat in the shower. Besides this the room is like an ordinary double room.

The hotels main entrance has a ramp to cover the stairs, and the reception has only one doorstep with a small ramp. The most narrow doorway is 76 cm, and most wheelchairs will pass through here.

There is a bathroom for those with movement disabilities in the reception area.

We hope this is at help. Don`t hesitate to kontakt us if you have any further questions

  • Low doorsteps
  • Extra handles in the bathroom
  • Shower seat
  • Elevator up to the room
  • TV
  • Wifi
  • Sofa
  • Possibility for an extra bed

Single room

In these rooms decorated in brown with wool covered chair you can relax all to yourself.

In room 401 and 305 you also have a balcony. Why don`t you borrow a book from our library and bring it with you on the balcony and enjoy the sun?

Price: from 1195,- included breakfast

  • Desk with chair
  • TV
  • Bathroom
  • Wifi
  • Balcony with chair (only 401 and 305)
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