Norway and Northern Europe`s highest mountain is an obvious goal for many of our guests that come to Lom. It`s actually one of the « easiest» peaks to reach, with guiding twice a day from Juvasshytta in the summer season. From Spiterstulen you don`t need a guide, but the hike is longer.

Check out this page for more information about the hike to Galdhøpiggen.


Famous and spectacular and visited by approx. 30000 people every year! You need 5-7 hours to walk this tour, and most people use the boat from Gjendesheim to Memurubu, and walk Besseggen the way back. Gjendebåten has a bookingsystem online to book your ticket in advance.

Here`s a link to the booking and more information about this hike.


Several peaks that separate Jotunheimen from Sognefjellet. Reaches from Loftet, through Store Smørstabbtind to Storebjørn (Big Bear) with numerous peaks in between. Surrounded by Jotunheimens largest glaciers and an eldorado for randonnè, hiking, climbing and glacierwalking.


There is no chance that you will miss the sight of Lomseggen while staying at Fossheim. It`s the  mountain in the middle of the village, and separate Bøverdalen from Ottadalen. To go up to the top you can choose between several marked paths, go to the view point that you can see from the hotel or all the way to the highest point that is twice as long. We recommend you to visit Smithbue, a stone hut on the Bøverdalen side, not far from the top.


The second highest mountain in Norway, and not as crowded as Galdhøpiggen.

You can get there from Spiterstulen og Glitterheim

Kyrkja (The Church)

Majestic and spectacular, and not too long. Starting point is Leirvassbu and you follow the marked path to the top.

Hiking with starting point Fossheim Hotel:

There is a map with hikes where you start on the hotels doorstep! You can download it here.

Soleggen culture path

5 hour trip where you can see five national parks on your walk. The highest point is 1070  meters above sea level. There are several options to shorten the trip and still get a great view of Lom, for instance Nonshaug.

Culture path Bordvassvegen

Bordvassvegen is a cultural path where you follow an old waterway and get to know with history and traditions around irrigation culture in Lom. The trip goes on the sunny side of the gentle slopes and is a nice walk even if the weather is not at its best.


This is a hike close to Reinheimen National Park with a stunning view towards Lom center and over to Lomseggen with its summits Eggjapiken (1524 m.a.s.l.) and Storivilen (2064 m.a.s.l.). From the top of Tronoberget you can see parts of Finndalen Valley Landscape Conservation Area and Reinheimen National Park.


Easy walk along the river northwest of the bridge end on the other side of the river from Lom. There is a small hut with possibility to barbecue inside, and towards the river the rocks naturally slide into the water and its perfect for a swim ( if you dare). It`s also possible to continue along the river towards what used to be an old farm called Staurust. 

Climbing and bouldering

3 km from Lom village centre there is climbing area . Both bolted and natural climbs.

A climbing tower next to Sport 1 Shop in the centre is open during the summer season.

There is an indoor boulder room close to the village centre

Jotunheimen Fjellsportklubb
Lom Buldrerom

High rope courses

There are several high rope courses in our area, we would recommend Galdhøpiggen High rope course not far from Raudbergstulen, and Brimiforest High rope course close to Brimi Fjellstugu

Aktiv i Lom homepage
Brimi klatrepark homepage

Outdoor activities


There`s lots of good mountain lakes and also good fishing in the river next to Lom. Information about the rules and where to buy cards is here:


Rent it at in Lom and in Skjåk

Discgolf ridge in Bøverdalen

For sendeplåte(frisbee) i Bøverdalen besøk Flåklypa Sendeplatelag på Facebook profilen deres.

Horseback riding


Water activities

Rafting, canyoning, hydrospeed, ducky, caving! This company offers all kinds of activities in water. Check out their webpage:


Also offered by Lom and Skjåk Adventure



There are several paths around Lom that you can try if you are an experienced downhill biker. Ask Ove in Aktiv i Lom for tips!

Activity park

Just as you drive in to Lom village you spot a climbing tower next to road 15. Her you`ll find Aktiv i Loms activity park where you can climb, try the gyro trampoline, regular trampoline, skate, play minigolf or a children's mechanic go-cart.


Feel the adrenalin rush as you jump off the platform and fly only few meters above the river and under the bridge in the centre of Lom.

The Deer trail for kids

Child friendly path in Presthaugen, the small park behind the Mountain Centre where you walk around looking for animals. There are several animals made on boards that you can spot along the trail, and you can get a brochure about them in The Norwegian Mountain Centre.

Cross Country skiing

Lots of trails in Lia, Visdalen and Lemonsjøen. Ask us and we will help you find your way.


If you want to use back country skis, randonnè, telemark or split board is up to you, but there´s more than enough mountains in Lom! Leirdalen is a perfect starting point for lots of magnificent tours. You can also choose the mountains on Strynefjell, or Valdresflya further south.

We`d gladly help you to find a guide for your trip!

Tastings and cooking classes

Imagine a weekend filled with flavour, tastes, experiences and impressions. Fill your mind with knowledge about food and food culture, relax with great food and drinks at night.

A hike in the mountain; skiing or walking in Jotunheimen. Get together around a camp fire or at the table in the restaurant. This is what it can be like on a cooking class at Fossheim.

Contact us if you would like an offer for a cooking class!


Would you like to try different types of wine? Taste local beer or maybe some of our large selection of Aquavite?

We can offer tastings for groups minimum 5 persons.

Please email us and we will make a tasting specially for you.

Cultural journey

Lom Nationalpark village

Fossberg is det original name of Lom village centre. In 2008 the municipality of Lom was given the status as Nationalpark municipality and Lom centre status as one of five national park villages.

A village should be a bearer of culture with focus on its own traditions, and should offer products and activities with a local mark. By other things, focus is that a national park village should show aconscious action when it comes to the vicinity to the national park and the profiling of this.

Some of the sights in Lom:

These are marked on the map of «Bergomsrunda». You can download the map here, or get it in the reception:

Lom Stavechurch

One of the largest and most beautiful stave churches in the country. It`s dated to 1170 and is still used as the main church in Lom.


This is the old priests farm. Through the last 50 years this has been the children school until the new was built. The main building itself houses a handicraft group, stave church center and Lom Library

The barn made of rocks and stone is the only original building left since it was a farm. It`s the only one of it`s kind in Norway. 

Norwegian Mountain Center 

It`s main goal is to show us the significance of the mountain, what it has meant for us and still means. The museum is also an authorized information center for Jotunheimen National Park.

Rebuilt and re-opened in 2015 its now the natural place to meet up and get information and maps before heading out to the mountains. 

The Big Storehouse

from 1500 and the largest in the country. It used to house all the grains from Lom and store the taxes, and is situated on it`s original place. 

Lom Village Museum/ Presthaugen

This museum is situated in Presthaugen, a recreation area in the centre of Lom. The museum and its buildings is put up how a farm aproximately 150 years ago looked like, and shows the building techniques and every day life on the farm. 

Lom centre and the water sculpture

The centre of Lom has been given the award as finest village center in the country. Fossbergom, as the village centre is called, is small and intimate and has always had a common concern when it comes to how the buildings in the centre should look in architecture, design and colors. This has given a certain atmosphere, and as a tourist it might have been one of the first things you noticed when entered Lom. The fountain «Vassvaglen» close to the round about is a symbol on how the farmers dug and built runways to transport water from the top of the hills down to their fields.

Fossheim Stonecenter

Close to the hotel you`ll find the largest collection of norwegian mineral and gemstones in the country. Shop, work place and meeting place for mineral interested from all over the world. Thulitt, Norways national rock, is to be found in Lom. 

Bøvra, the waterfall and the bridges

Bøvra is a typical glacier river that transports lots of mass and has large variations in the water flow. The glacier eruption and melting from the mountains points out in the river. There are three bridges to cross close to the centre, and it makes an excellent trip around the village if you cross the two that are for pedestrians. 


This is a selection of what Lom Village has to offer: 

  • Sportshops: Fjell og Fritid, Sport1 Lomseggen, 2.floor at Coop Extra
  • Smak i Lom: Local food, small brewery beer and Lomb beer from Lom, plus mall dishes and espresso coffee
  • Bakeriet i Lom: «World known» bakery with delicious baked goods, sandwich and occasionally hot lunch plus espresso based coffee
  • Pharmacy, optician, watchmaker and wine shop in the same building close to the roundabout
  • Brimibue: Giftshop with kitchen apparel, textiles, spices, herbs and spices. Serves lunch and dinner, coffee and cakes.
  • Fjoset: Flower- and gift shop, yarn, clothes, jewellery, tea, coffee, candles, souvenirs.
  • Hårloftet: Hairdresser, clothes, make up, interior decoration
  • Beautybag: Pop-up shop during summer that sells ecological beauty products and skincare. Online shop all year.
  • Grocery stores: REMA 1000 (east of centre) COOP Extra and KIWI in village centre
  • Gas stations: BEST and ESSO.
  • Hardware stores: Byggern in village centre, Gausdal Landhandel in east centre
  • Nille: interior decorations and paper ware 2nd floor at Coop Extra
  • Bergom klær og sko: Clothes and fasion for everyone. 2nd floor at Coop Extra
  • Europris: almost everything. East of centre.
  • Lomsprodusentane: Locally produced arts and crafts, in the basement of the black building next to the church
  • Norwegian Mountain Centre: Maps, literature on mountains, flora and fauna, gifts, outdoor smart stuff

Our FavouritEs!

Annette, receptionist

Small familytour that fits for everyone!

Just down by the river you`ll find Tronodbrua, the startingpoint for this trip to the Skim hut. About 4 km tour/detour on an easy path.Open hut with the possibilty to make fire and barbecue. Bring coffee and snacks and enjoy it down by the river or inside the hut. We usually swing a few throws with the fishing rod, the largest fish we caught was 700 gram. Remmeder to buy a fishing permit before fishing

Heidrun, manager and host

Presthaugen, our recreational area in the middle of Lom. Get coffee and a bun from the Bakery, sit down in in the middle of the old houses and enjoy the silence. Or walk down to «Kjerringholet», the mini beach next to the wooden bridge in  Lom village centre.

Svein Garmo, host

Fishing on Sognefjellet! When the last guest has been served dessert and I am off, I sometimes get in my car and drive up Bøverdalen to Sognefjellet. There are many small ponds with good fish, and the scenery is amazing! It`s nice and quiet, and in the light summer nights it`s perfect to sit there by the fire and watch the fish jump

Martina, housekeeping

My favorite is taking my hammock down to the river and just chill !

Ingrid, waitress

Nonshaug! -Shortest way to get a magnificent view over Lom and I never get tired of it. It`s something else to struggle up the hills  through the woods, take off the path, go towards the edge and suddenly get a spectacular sight. Afterwards I reward myself at the Bakery with a cinnamon roll, a latte and bring it up to the «secret» rooftop seating and enjoy the sun and sounds from the waterfall.

During winter when it gets closer to spring I`ll bring my telemark skis to Leirdalen 

and reach for one of the summits there.

Tadej, chef

My favorite in Lom is Svein Garmo :)

Edgaras, chef

What I like best about Lom is every night after work to walk outside and look towards Lomseggen and see that just that view is different every night. The light and the sky changes , and I never get tired of this view. Otherwise, I also keep Svein Garmo as a favorite

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