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Fossheim hotell
Lom 2688, Norway.
Tlf: 61 21 95 00

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Activities and nature experiences

Wild and beautiful Jotunheimen is located in Lom, where flora and fauna are perfectly matched in place and time. From here you can bring back home a feeling of down-to-earth values, and feel that village and wilderness are also a part of you.

We sincerely hope that you feel richer after a visit here with us. Bring home with you experiences from our kitchen, the Fossheim Stone Centre, Presthaugen Village Museum, Lom Stave Church and the Norwegian Mountain Museum. Perhaps you will also be bringing home with you fond memories of mountain walks, peak ascents, glacier crossings, a visit to Norway's highest peak Galdhøpiggen, canyoning or rafting.

Fossheim is also an excellent starting point for taking trips by car -- in less than two hours you can reach Geiranger, Stryn and Sognefjord. The possibilities are endless, but you can also simply disconnect and take it easy - load up your batteries and enjoy life.