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Fossheim hotell
Lom 2688, Norway.
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Because of the way Lom is situated, there has always been a junction here for traffic from east to west. From Otta the road goes through Lom both from Strynefjellet RV 15 and Sognefjellsvegen FV 55. This was the reason and basis for establishing Fossheim Hotel.

Thorgeir and Embjørg Garmo bought in 1897 the property the hotel now is standing on. They buildt the first coach inn .

The hotel was a two story loggbuilding with garret and kitchen department, two living rooms and seven bedrooms. Other buildings on the property for livestock, horses and hay. They ran both the hotel and the farm. The coach inn was in full operation until the first world war when the first cars came and took over for the horse and carriage. In addition to the coach inn, Thorgeir owned a shop , and eventually they built a cabin ontop of Lomseggen for hiking enthusiastc guests.

The period during and after World War II there was a greater demand for accomodations. This led to two new constructions. Now the second generation, Torgeir and Ingrid Garmo, had taken over the operation and in 1949 they tore down the old hotel.They buildt a large new building also containing guest quarters built in terraces up from the main building. Dr. Garmo ran not only the hotel and farm, but also a physiotherapi clinic on the property. The hotel was now called Fossheim Hotell og Kurstad. The physiotherapy clinic was operational up to 1974. Fossheim had now 100 beds, modern kitchen and dining areas. More and more guests showed's interest. 

During the 50´s and 60´s there were mad several modifications to adapt to the new tourist, particularly Americans who demanded accomodations with personal bathrooms. One of the buildings at Fossheim which was built in 1965 is today called "America", and was buildt, like the name says to accomodate american tourists. In 1970, the diningroom was buildt twice as big to fit the capacity of nearly 150 persons.


In 1978 the third generation by Svein Garmo was in charge of operation, and is now the current owner. Arne Brimi was appointed head chef and a new era began at Fossheim. Fossheim and Arne built Fossheim as a namebrand in Norwegian cuisine. Fossheim is still known for a uniqe norwegian cuisine. 

In 1992 it was again done much refurbishing on Fossheim. The entire bedroom wing was rebuilt. In 2001  a new and modern kitchen was finished and during  spring of 2004 we opened a new and remodeled bar on the ground floor, Dr. Garmo `s Institute.


In May 2008, the rooms in the main building were softrenovated. Freshened up with new colors and new decor, and they have now been given a more "a homely" and the countrystyle.

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During winter 2012 we softrenovated the "America" building and 4rh generation Heidrun Garmo is now in charge of operations.