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Fossheim hotell
Lom 2688, Norway.
Tlf: 61 21 95 00

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Interirfossheim og lom. livet pa bergom 031

The dining room

Our dining room can accommodate about 150 guests for banquet or buffet. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner to all our guests. The dining room is open for dinner service every day. we serve different composed dishes of seasonal ingredients.


Interirfossheim og lom. livet pa bergom 013

Old-styled livingroom and library

I andre etasje finn du peisestugu vår som med sitt gamle interiør skapar ei koseleg ramme rundt selskapet eller møtet om ein ynskjer ein plass for seg sjølv. Biblioteket som ligg innafor peisestugu egnar seg godt for mindre møter eller middagar inntil åtte personar. Peisestugu og biblioteket er ellers ope for alle våre gjester som ein fristad kor du kan sitja og nyte ei god bok eller samtale med ein ven.

On the second floor you will find our old-styled livingroom with a large open fireplace. with its original old interior it creates a beautiful setting for your meeting or conversations infront of the fire. The Library which is located next door is well suited for smaller meetings or dinners up to eight persons. The living room and the library is otherwise open to all our guests.


Baren dr. garmos fossheim hotell

Dr. Garmos Institute - Bar

Dr. Garmos Institute was completely renovated in 2004. The bar forms a natural center in the premises. The interior is new and exciting, featuring exotic and artistic stones from Fossheim Stone Center. In the bar you can enjoy a drink after your meal and relax to good music. 


Interirbilder fossheim esten borgos 005


Fossheim has a stately courtyard consisting of hotel buildings, several small log houses and Fossheim Stone Center.

We are especially proud of our grand lodge, Gaukstadstugu, which is one of the best conserved timbered houses from 1600´s
In Gaukstadstugu we host small weddings, christenings or special ocations. The lodge provides a breathtaking backdrop for your ocation and can be an atmospheric end to an unforgettable evening with us.


Urtehagen uteservering fossheim hotell

Herb garden

Herb Garden is our out-door restaurant with cosy seating arrangments and a splendid view of Lom and Lomseggen. In and around the seating area grows alternating herbs of various kinds.A small stream trickles down throughout the garden and gives an unique atmosphere in warm summer days. In the herb garden, we serve smaller dishes from June to August.

In one area of the herb garden we have created an old-fashioned garden where you can find most of the crops who were grown in the past.
We cultivate various kind of herbs. The herbs and flowers from the garden ar used by the Fossheim kitchen when they set color and flavor to a dish.