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Fossheim hotell
Lom 2688, Norway.
Tlf: 61 21 95 00

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To get to Fossbergom in Lom from the Oslo area, take the E-6 highway to Otta and then continue up the Ottadalen valley. Fossbergom is located right on the dividing line between Stryn (Rv.15 ˆ Strynefjellsvegen road), Sogn (Rv. 55 ˆ Sognefjellsvegen road) and Eastern Norway. During the summer months, this is an important road junction connecting Eastern and Western Norway. The Sognefjellsvegen road is closed from October/November until about the end of April/beginning of May.

You can also get to Fossbergom by taking the train from Trondheim or Oslo to Otta, and then travelling the rest of the way by bus (60km).



Oslo: 345km, Bergen: 432km, Fagernes: 148km,Trondheim: 312km, Lillehammer: 175km, Otta: 64km, Stryn: 126km.