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Fossheim hotell
Lom 2688, Norway.
Tlf: 61 21 95 00

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The food

You may detect an enticing aroma originating in the kitchen and luring you down into the dining hall. Here you can enjoy food from one of Norway's best kitchens. On summer days you can also enjoy a light meal out in Urtehagen (the herbal garden).


The chefs at Fossheim take uniquely Norwegian traditions to new heights -- a meal in itself is enough reason to pay a visit. Many visitors come to Fossheim precisely for the food - to experience a culinary adventure that will leave lasting memories, and our head chef Kristoffer Hovland is adept at making use of local, seasonal ingredients.

We have a local focus at Fossheim, and integrate local ingredients harvested from surrounding farms, lakes and mountains into our menu. Local foods have become extremely popular, and the local mountains in Lom provide easy access to first-class ingredients for exotic culinary experiences. Integrating only the very best available ingredients, meals are prepared in our own cultural and culinary traditions - all carried out by the trained hands of professional and experienced chefs.

Everyone is welcome to come enjoy a meal together with us - whether you choose an eight-course meal in the dining hall or a salad in Urtehagen. If you would care for some wine, we have an extensive wine cellar, and we import many of the wines ourselves. Hotel owner Svein Garmo is a true wine connoisseur and will more than gladly recommend a bottle perfectly suited to your meal.